chain 1 on end of row

How To Fasten Off Crochet In 3 Easy Steps

You’ve finished crocheting your project! But it’s not totally complete until you’ve fastened off the yarn and hidden the ends away in your project. So how to fasten off crochet? This is an important step to ensuring that what you’ve worked so hard on doesn’t come unraveled.

What’s great about this is (and a perk of crochet over knitting) is that it’s much easier than binding off knitting.

So how to fasten off crochet? Here are 3 easy steps to stop your crochet project from accidentally unweaving!

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What You’ll Need

So before we get started with how to fasten off your crochet, what do you need?

You need your crochet project done! Have all of the crocheting that needs to happen be done is the most important thing you need. The other things you’ll need are: your crochet hook and scissors.

finished project scissors and hook
ending in the round (with single crochet stitch)
finished project with hook and scissors
ending on the edge of a project

(Keep in mind I am left handed but you can follow along on how to fasten off crochet easily no matter what hand you hold your hook in!)

1. Slip Stitch Into Next Stitch And Chain 1

If you need to do the slip stitch is entirely dependent on what type of project you’re working on. If you’re working in the round or not ending at the end of the row, of something worked in specific rows, you have nothing to slip stitch into. So this step doesn’t matter!

slip stitch in round
See how the slip stitch makes it a more even transition?

But if you are working on something like a hat, or amigurumi, or anything that doesn’t end on the side of your project, slip stitch into the next stitch.

This makes the transition easier, without having a blunt stop. This way it looks like the project is continuing.

Chain 1

chain 1 after slip stitch on round
chain 1 on end of row

The next thing to do, or first if you’re at the end of a row on a square or something is to chain 1. Keep it loose and open.

This is essentially making a knot.

2. Cut The Yarn

cut tail on yarn
cut thread end of row

The second step to fastening off your crochet project is to actually cut the yarn! Cut the end you’ve been working on, towards your ball of yarn. Make sure to leave at least a few inches of a tail. This will make it easier for you later on.

Leave a longer tail if you need to tie the pattern together (like in the faux-chunky beanie!)

3. Pull The Yarn Through

yarn pulled through end
pull end through end of row

The final step in fastening off your crochet is to pull the yarn through!

Grab with either your hook or your finger the loop that you made from that last chain 1. Pull the loop of the chain until the tail end of the yarn you just cut has come through. This finishes off your crochet!

This creates a knot that can be taken apart if you need it to, but if you are happy and finished with your project, this knot won’t come out!

Finishing off your crochet project is really simple and how to fasten off crochet doesn’t have to be something to worry about!

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