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What Are Pinking Shears Scissors and Do I Need Them?

If you’ve ever heard the words “pinking shears” thrown around, you may be wondering what they are, and if you need pinking shears/ scissors for your sewing projects!

Pinking shear scissors have saw-toothed instead of straight blades and are designed to cut fabric in such a way that it prevents fraying. The unique zigzag pattern that pinking shears create is not just decorative, but functional too.

When you cut a piece of fabric with regular scissors, the raw edge can often begin to fray or unravel. This is where pinking shears come into play. The zigzag pattern they leave behind acts as a barrier to stop the material from fraying, preserving the integrity of your fabric and ensuring the longevity of your sewing projects.

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They do this by creating a series of peaks and troughs along the edge of the fabric. This effectively reduces the length of threads that could potentially fray, thus protecting your material. There are multiple ways to keep your fabric from fraying, like using a zig zag stitch on the end, using a serger (or overlocker), or pinking shear scissors all act similarly.

Do you need pinking shears?

I would say, pinking shears are not a requirement in sewing, although they can be helpful at times! I didn’t purchase them for my first year or two of sewing, and now only use them sparingly.

They are quite large and have a very specific use, so it’s not on my top 10 items to get for sewing.

It’s also good to have them if you want to do crafts that specifically have that zig zag open edge visible; I know I’ve seen some sewn Christmas trees with raw edges just gone over with pinking shear scissors to create an effect of branches.

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The pinking scissors I use

Although, if you are going ahead with purchasing them, these are the ones that I use:

Fiskars Easy Action Pinking Shears

fiskars pinking shears on navy striped fabric

While they aren’t perfect, I still recommend them because, as a lefty, they don’t hurt my hand to use, and can be used by right handed or left handed people, since they only have one finger hole and the other side is open.

In conclusion, the pinking shears scissors are a versatile tool that can take your sewing projects to the next level. They provide an effective solution to fraying, extending the lifespan of your creations. While they may not be a must-have item for beginners, their benefits become more apparent as you delve deeper into the world of sewing. Remember, the goal is to invest in tools that make your sewing experience easier and your end product better. Whether or not pinking shears make the cut is entirely up to you! As always, happy sewing!

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