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What Are Yarn Needles? And How to Choose The Right One For You!

What are yarn needles? Are there different types of yarn needles? How do I know which one I need? What’s a darning needle?

If you’re just starting with crochet or knitting, the first question is probably your top priority! But it’s important to know, there are a few different types of yarn needles, and it really just depends on what you prefer! Find out the answers to all of these questions by continuing reading!

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What are Yarn Needles?

A yarn needle is what you use to weave in the ends/tails of yarn after your knitting/crochet project is finished!

So it’s got a big eye to fit thick yarn through it, and usually a blunt point.

Having the blunt point at the end is important so you can go between the stitches and yarn you’ve worked on, rather than accidentally going through the middle of a strand of yarn!

Some yarn needles do have a bend in them, this is just a preference, but I think the straight ones are easier to use.

Keep in mind this is completely different from a knitting needle!

What’s a Darning Needle?

A darning needle is almost the same thing as a yarn needle, but can be slightly smaller.

Often, the terms darning needle and yarn needle are interchangeable, depending on the country you’re in. But darning needles can also be slightly smaller than typical yarn needles, with a smaller eye.

These smaller needles will work better for finer weight yarn (fingering/ 4ply), or if you’re trying to fix a hole in a purchased knit sweater/sock.

With that hopefully cleared up, let’s get into different types of yarn needles!

Types of Yarn Needle

There’s one “standard” type of yarn needle, but I’ve used 4 different ones, and will explain why each one has it’s perks!

Standard Metal Yarn Needle

So the “standard” yarn needle is what I’d call a metal yarn needle, which is about 2-3 inches long, is made of metal, has a large eye to fit your yarn through, and has a blunt end!

They often come in a pack of a few different sizes, so you can use the one that works best for the yarn you’re using!

metal yarn needle

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Pros: They don’t break, they’ll last forever

Cons: can be lost in the carpet never to be seen again, not flexible

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Plastic Needle

Plastic is the type I’ve always used until moving to New Zealand. I actually thought it was standard to have plastic yarn needles until my coworker kindly informed me it looked like I am using “children’s needles.”

Anyway, plastic yarn needles are still the ones that I use the most often (mostly because the metal ones are lost)

These are a great option to easily see what you’re working on, as well as finding them easily. Something else I really like about the plastic needles is that they will bend a little bit. To me, this is important if I’m working with something that was really tightly crocheted. It just makes it easier to get between the stitches.

Plastic yarn needle

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Pros: will last a long time, can easily be seen, come in a variety of colors, will bend

Cons: the eye will break if you chew on it, not as environmentally friendly as metal

Opening Eye/ Latch Hook Darning Needle

This is another type of yarn needle – one where the eye slot actually opens up with a little latch.

This latch hook yarn needle can be great if you have a hard time threading yarn through the eye of the needle. But it also has a few drawbacks with the part that latches open and closed, as this won’t always stay closed, or can get stuck on the stitching you’re actually trying to go through with the needle if it’s not perfectly closed.

latch hook darning needle

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Pros: easy to get the yarn in the eye, often made of metal

Cons: can get stuck on your project

Doll Needle

This is a type of needle that isn’t technically a yarn needle, but can be good for using with some yarn projects (amigurumi especially). Doll needles usually have a sharp end, and are a much longer needle.

Now, you don’t actually need this type of needle, but can be helpful when working on anything with stuffing, just because the sharp needle goes through the stuffing easier.

yarn needle
Long doll needle used in moss stitch pumpkin pattern

This is also a helpful yarn needle if you need to go through a large piece in amigurumi for any reason!

doll needles

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And that’s pretty much it! That should be about everything you could need to know about yarn needles, now go finish your project with confidence! Keep reading: how to weave in ends crochet

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