image says "best crochet hook for beginners" with an image of 6 different crochet hooks

What’s The Best Crochet Hook For Beginners? The One Best Hook

Are you wanting to start crocheting but don’t know what the perfect hook is for you? I’ve made it extremely simple for you to know what the best crochet hook for beginners is.

If you can, pick out the yarn you’re going to use before choosing a hook. On the label of the yarn, it should have a size suggested on it for your hook! Often it is the same size as suggested for knitting needles or slightly smaller. If it only tells you knitting needle size, choose that one.

image depicts 3 different balls of yarn, with arrows pointing to where to find the hook size
In the image above, you can see 3 examples how hook size is depicted on yarn.

And if you aren’t certain you’re going to stick with crocheting, choose a metal or aluminum one, as they tend to be cheaper (keep reading about types of crochet hooks here). And that’s how you choose the best crochet hook for beginners! Find the yarn first, read the label, and then purchase the hook size suggested.

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Otherwise, I suggest getting a 4mm to 5mm hook. The 5mm, H-8 hook is versatile and pairs well with medium weight yarns – the kind most commonly used in beginner patterns. It’s also comfortable to hold, which is vital when you’re spending hours on your new hobby.

Remember, the best crochet hook for beginners isn’t the most expensive or the fanciest – it’s the one that fits your yarn to make learning this fantastic craft as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Happy crocheting!

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