image says "crochet hook" with an image of a crochet hook on top of yarn

What Is A Crochet Hook? The Simple Answer

Whether you’ve seen someone using one, or had crocheting suggested to you, you may be wondering what is a crochet hook?

This wonderful tool is my preferred method of crafting with yarn. And it’s name gives a hint to what it is. It’s a long stick with a hook carved on one end. This allows it to loop and knot yarn into a beautifully handcrafted product, creating anything from warm blankets to adorable stuffed animals (amigurumi – see an example with this bumble bee).

Crochet hooks comes in various sizes, shapes, and materials. Various sizes are made to work with different yarn thicknesses. Whether it’s a lightweight aluminum hook for delicate lacework or a chunky wooden one for a cozy winter scarf, the right crochet hook can make your crafting experience a breeze! (Find out more about crochet hook types in this article).

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In essence, a crochet hook is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a hook! (NOT a needle like knitting). And you only need one of these hooks to get started with crocheting. You’ll also need some yarn and a creative mind, but we’ll get to that in another article. Happy crocheting!

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